With Newfoundland puppies training should start when they are as young as possible.

A big and mysterious breed of canine would be the Newfoundland. These large and often dark, fluffy dogs come in a temperament that makes for the best traits when it comes to training such. While one may go ahead and proceed with training a Newfoundland in their adulthood, it always makes for the best idea to start such when they are still Newfoundland Puppies. Because this stage allows them to be more open and perceptive to certain things, training them as puppies will ensure that the things that you teach them will be carried on into adulthood without any problem.

Socialization is the best first step to take your puppy into, because it allows them to become familiar with the different types of people that they might meet, as well as the different animals that they may encounter every now and then. The Newfoundland is often gentle and patient, which means that they might easily end up frightened of certain things that produce loud and boisterous noises or actions.

When doing socialization, make sure that you go about and train your Newfoundland Puppy on a leash. This makes for the best way to familiarize them with such. While the sweet and uncomplaining Newfoundland will normally not object to it, when they are not used to being leashed, they will most likely scamper away when the leash is brought out, especially in adulthood.

The best way to approach training of your Newfoundland Puppy is to use gentle and encouraging tones, often cheerful in nature. Because the Newfoundland is a very sensitive dog, it can easily get scared or offended, which means that your training will raise a bitter pet if done incorrectly. Make sure that you praise them well and reward them with nice treats most of the time, so they will easily be encouraged to follow the training you are putting them up for.

Basic commands like Sit, Stay, Lie Down, and Come are the basic tricks that you should teach Newfoundland Puppies early on. Being the quiet type of dog, you may find your Newfoundland lurking about most of the time. Make sure you go and engage them in plenty of exercise and games, so as to keep them active and healthy. They grow big really quickly, so ensure that you get to train them great while they are still small.

Part of the training of a Newfoundland is maintenance. The Newfoundland grows a thick coat, which means that you should get their coat brushed every now and then. You can also get them out for a swim or a bath, but make sure you dry them properly so as to not get them sick. Avoid hot weather, as the Newfoundland will act lethargic in such, and can even start feeling sick. Newfoundland Puppies are quite a joy to train as they are smart and sensitive dogs, and will prove to be very loyal once you have shown them great love and care.