How to train Newfoundland dogs easy way. Newfoundland dogs are often referred to as gentle giants with their big stature and sweet and loving temperament that most people tend to choose them because of these traits. However, if you don’t have the time of day to care for this dog such as grooming its coat, cutting its nails, and feeding it with common adult dog food, then you are better off with another type of dog. However, when you get to train Newfoundland, you will realize that this dog is the perfect companion to have around the home. So how do you do this? Well, below are some helpful tips that you might want to consider when caring for your Newf.

The first thing that you should know on how to train Newfoundland is to stick to a specific schedule and training program. This is imperative if you want your pet to understand you better. There are different areas that you can train your pup in. Take for example, crate training. Newfs, by nature, are den creatures so they will naturally look for a den to sleep in. You should get a reasonably-sized crate where you can point at it before saying a word that refers to it such as “Crate” or “Kennel” then place your pup inside. Close the crate for about a few seconds before releasing it. Give it a treat to reinforce the action then repeat the process.

To train Newfoundland on where to relieve itself, you must create a set schedule on when it will eat and when will it relieve itself. After feeding your Newf, make it a point to bring your pup to the spot where you want it to do its business. You can actually train your Newf to relieve itself at your own command. To do this, you need to repeat a word such as “potty” every time it relieves itself until the time it realizes what you want it to do. Praise your pet if it followed your instructions.

If you want your Newfoundland dog to become obedient, enrolling it in an obedience school early is necessary. This way, your pup will learn all there is to know on how to become an obedient and loyal dog to you so you can get to have a good relationship with it while it is still growing up. All that you need to have is patience and dedication whenever you want to train Newfoundland. This way, you will see how well behaved your dog is which is exactly what you will get if you train it now.