It’s so unthinkable how an extremely loveable dog that resembles a bear can end up abandoned, hurt, and neglected. Newfoundland rescue centers are aimed at protecting and rescuing Newfoundland dogs that have been hurt and neglected by their owners. They also take in dogs from owners who voluntarily surrender their dogs to the center because they cannot afford the expenses of taking care of a dog.

The “Newf”, as the Newfoundland is fondly called, is a very gentle and sweet dog that’s very loyal to its master. Plus, the Newf is very good with children. Newfs are sociable dogs and they need to be surrounded with people all the time. These intuitive dogs are highly protective of people. They’re capable of rescuing people from dangerous situations, particularly when someone is at the risk of drowning. These huge but cuddly dogs adapt well in apartment settings or in homes with yards. They don’t deserve to end up in questionable situations that leave them on the losing end.

Newfoundland rescue center advocates don’t necessarily discourage pet ownership. However, they are quick to warn interested would-be dog owners that tending to a Newfoundland is not just about cuddling and playing with the dog. Taking care of a Newfoundland is a lifetime commitment. From the day you acquire the dog, it will be your responsibility to look after its welfare. Training, feeding, bathing, grooming, trips to the veterinarian, and daily walks will be a part of your life.

Volunteers of Newfoundland rescue centers encourage sincere and interested Newfoundland lovers to adopt Newfoundland dogs from rescue centers instead of buying from pet shops. Newfoundland dogs from rescue centers are fed, groomed, medicated (if necessary), and spayed or neutered before they are given out to prospective owners.

Rescue centers devote a great deal of time looking for future owners for the rescued Newfs. They gather contacts for future homes and thoroughly assess each prospect through interviews and visits. They introduce the Newf to its prospective owner so dog and owner to familiarize them. In typical pet shops, they only introduce the owner to the dog on the same day that the owner claims the dog. Future owners are thoroughly oriented by rescue volunteers on dog care before they are given a go-signal to take the dog home. Once the Newf is delivered to its home, the volunteer makes sure that the Newf has a starter kit. Newfs from rescue centers have the necessary shots, medication and services. That saves the owner of the hassle of trying to figure out what to do.

Newfoundland rescue centers encourage dog lovers to get their dogs from the rescue center because they can save the life of an abandoned Newf and give it a chance to dwell in a happy and healthy environment.