In the canine world, Newfoundland dogs are known for their sweet temperament, devotion to their owners and their ability to rescue and track when needed. Newfoundland dogs or Newfs, as they are commonly referred to, were bred to work on board a boat or a ship, helping fishermen do their job of hauling fish, towing the boat, and even saving men who are thrown overboard. When they reach land, they will help with anything that needs to be carried and can even pull wagons with ease. That is why Newfs are some of the most sought-after dogs for this type of job.

Newfoundland dogs are best described as having an outer coat that is of medium length and is both stiff and oily. Its undercoat is fleecy enough to accommodate the changing climate and repelling water as well. This dog can actually swim for hours without its skin getting wet thanks to its coat. The webbed feet of this dog allows it to swim using breast stroke instead of the common dog paddle, making it one of the best swimmers out there. This is probably one of the reasons why Newfs are often taken along in ships.

Although it is quite tempting to purchase Newfs as pets, you need to consult a breeder first to find out whether this is the perfect dog for you. Most breeders would educate you on how to care for Newfoundland dogs, teach you about their temperament and what they need in order to become obedient and well trained dogs. It is best if you spend more time with these big dogs in their kennels before you decide whether this humongous dog will work well with your family. Keep in mind that these giants are gentle but their huge body and heavy weight can be daunting unless you know how to properly care for it.

Another thing that you should know about Newfoundland dogs is that they are shedders and that because of the design of their upper lip that allow them to breathe well while on water, they are also known to drool. So if you can’t stand the sight of too much drool or if you don’t want to clean too much hair, you should decide to buy another kind of dog. However, if you think you can handle this kind of dog, make sure that you spare some of your time in grooming and exercising your pet so it will grow happy, healthy and contended.