Newfoundland Training

Basic Newfoundland Training

Before you can even get around to starting with Newfoundland training, it is best that you have a thorough understanding of the breed first. This way, you know exactly what to expect with Newfoundland training, helping you go about things properly as well so you can achieve all the training goals you set. Originating from Newfoundland, Newfoundlands belong to the larger dog breeds but they have cute nicknames like Newfie, Newf, and Gentle Giant. Of all the skills this dog can have, Newfoundlands are famous for their swimming even though they are so big. While strong and definitely intimidating in size, this dog is still very sweet and loyal. Their size is said to have been acquired by crossing large mastiffs. Along with the Doberman Pinscher and Siberian Husky, Newfoundlands are recognized by The Kennel Club (UK) and the...

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Newfoundland Breed Information

What is a Newfoundland?

A Newfoundland is a one of a kind dog first used and bred as a workman's dog in Canada. These dogs are famous for their black coats, enormous size, powerful body, calm...

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Newfoundland Care

Your Guide To Newfoundland Dogs

In the canine world, Newfoundland dogs are known for their sweet temperament, devotion to their owners and their ability to rescue and track when needed. Newfoundland dogs or Newfs,...

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Newfoundland Puppies

Caring For Your Newfoundland Puppy

So you have finally decided that you are going to get a Newfoundland puppy. This is good news. Now that you have overcome the hurdle of determining what type of puppy to bring...

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